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Help with SKU Z-0017 touchscreen

edited October 23 in Screens

Dear professional members !!
Please help me to use my device. I installed the system, everything works well, except for touch.
There is a SKU: Z-0017 touchscreen that is factory set to Raspberry Touch. This works so well that it does not have to calibrate under Raspberry. After installing Emteria OS, the touch does not work. I need to touch.
Please help with the solution.


  • Hi,

    Touch is optionele on the SKU: Z-0017. Is that touch over USB or gpio? Seems touch over gpio is not an option? Nu sure, I have a reactions on a post about gpio touch screens working or not .
  • Hello.
    The screen is resistive and has a USB connection
    The exact description is here
    Connected to Raspberry Pi3 +
    I hope I helped

  • I tested with a 7 inch screen once and that worked fine. It came with some instructions for the config.txt and I used those and that worked fine for me. It did not pick up on my resolution out of the box unfortunately. I did not have any touch problems.
  • Did you use this kind of screen? And the emteria under Os? As I mentioned under Raspberry, it works brilliantly without any special adjustments. This operation ceases after installing Emteria Os.
    I tried to do this in the description after installing Os, but it was unsuccessful. The solution should be there.

  • Development in touch operation. I accidentally found that touching in RECOVERY mode works like a dream. Restarted from RECOVERY mode, when OS is loaded, the touch is reconnected and unreliable. Does anyone know how to resume operation in RECOVERY during OS? Professionals can certainly solve it. This is a very high task for me.

  • Hi, maybe do a fresh install of the latest version? I had problems with resolution and screen detection in an older version. Now with the last version I switched from a 7 inch screen to a 5 inch screen with different resolutions and it automatically detectid the correct resolution :)
  • I was upgraded to the latest version - 0.6.0 but the touch quality did not change. The solution is located in RECOVERY, it works the touch as it should. The solution can only be done by anyone who wrote a program. I hope to read my post and resolve this long-awaited problem.

  • How is it connected? HDMI or DSI? What exactly is not working in emteria.OS? Just touch? Is the picture OK?

  • Connection is HDMI, the picture is ok, but the touch is malfunctioning unreliable, nor does it approach the operation under RECOVERY

  • I add: I have a version of 0.5.21 now, in RECOVERY the touch function is wonderful but not good on the system. It senses the touch, but it works back and forth, it can not be used.

  • @obero said:
    It senses the touch, but it works back and forth, it can not be used.

    Ok, the touch is working, good to hear that. What do you mean by "works back and forth"? Are touch events flipped?

  • Yes, it senses the touch, but is insecure. You can not work with him. However, it works well during RECOVERY. I could help? Combining back means insecurity, it does not do what I touched. Or you have to touch or react multiple times.
    It is difficult to explain that I am not the mother tongue, the translator is not really good.

  • What do you mean by "insecure"?

  • edited December 4

    Where does it work where it does not work. Once you have a tapping, you have to tap more times.

  • @kalkov
    He is saying that the single touch works in recovery boot correctly but not in the normal boot.

  • That is exactly the case.

  • @obero is this a usb touch screen ?

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