5" Compatible displays.

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Hi there, super awesome community!

I am just interested to know whether there are any known displays of size ~5" that are compatible with Emteria OS on the Raspberry Pi. I understand that the 52Pi 5" touchscreen is a listed compatible screen, but I was hoping for something that is connectable to the pi via a ribbon cable instead of hdmi+usb.

Thanks :)


  • We didn't test any other DSI screens. Please feel free to test it yourself, if you wish. From the perspective of the OS itself, it is only a matter of configuration.

  • Thank you very much for the reply. I would like to follow through with this task, but I am a little unsure of the configuration steps that are required. I am not so much a beginner when it comes to Linux, but could you maybe provide me with a couple of steps to follow? I would very much appreciate it.

    Do you think a display solution like this would be a good choice?


    It doesn't seem as though their are any required driver installs during their installation tutorial for it on Raspbian... does this mean that they are already in the kernel?

    Finally extremely impressed with the ease at which I was able to install the OS on the Pi and start making modifications once I was booted. Awesome work :smile:

  • I would give this touchscreen a try, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work out-of-the box. If it doesn't though, you should go ahead and setup a UART console for kernel logging and a shell (https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/uart.md).

  • Hi Igor, Thank you very much for the response. I think I will go ahead and order the part, as it fits the specifications for what I want out of the design. Thank you also for referring me to this documentation, hopefully their shouldn't be an issue with the setup, but if their is you've given me a place to start! Thank you very much, I will keep you posted on progress :smile: Enjoy your Monday!

    P.S. I was taking a look at your involvement in DARPA, I hope you don't mind. Super awesome, and well done on the project :smile:

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