Problems running installer

Sorry, but the latest installer for windows is giving me problems, does a older version work better?
I am running Windows 10 and I get a prompt telling me that "MSVCR120.dll" is Missing.

I have downloaded and installed "Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x64) - 11.0.61030".
Is anything else needed to run the installer?


  • Ok, so installed on another computer running Windows7 Professional (same version), and the installer works on the other computer?!
    Anyway, I am up and running emteria now, and I am impressed!
    Smooth user experience, and it works without any problem on my 15" 4:3 TFT with a HDMI->VGA adapter.
    Only during setup I needed to use a native HDMI monitor.
    Running on a RPI 3b+

  • can not login into installer can login to send you this on web page but installer not working

  • FYI.. I just installed and flashed with windows 10. I used a usb card reader and had no issues. Not sure how or why it worked but it runs real smooth.

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