Official 7" Touchscreen

Hey guys,
My rpi with latest Emteria version installed doenst start with touchscreen, it always reboots after "Stating Kernel . . ."

I would appreciate any help


  • Hi dorfi, I can't reproduce your problem here. The latest release seems to work fine with my (official) touchscreen. Does it start with a HDMI monitor? Is anything else connected (e.g. USB)?

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    It works prefectly with HDMI.
    Also doesnt start if there is nothing else than poweer supply connected.

    That's how far I get

    Do I have to apply any changes to config.txt or boot.prop?

  • No, you don't have to change anything. But just for testing purposes: edit the build.prop and set "" to 0.

  • With i end up in black screen

  • This happens if something else was unintentionally changed (file permissions, line endings) too. Please do another test:
    - clean installation
    - if it does not work, mount the system partition on your pc and remove "/system/xbin/edid"

  • reinstalled and delted "system/xbin/edid" but still same error:/

    Also have just seen that it says "3 USB Device(s) found" even though none are connected

  • Those USB devices are internal, I have them too.
    Could you please check if you have any logs in "/cache/logs" ? Depending on the version you have, it may be on the own partition (/cache) or on the data partition (/data/cache/).

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    Booting with Touchscreen doesn't create any log files, only HDMI does
    in /userdata/cache/logs

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    Is it really supposed to work with this config.txt / boot.prop

    hdmi_cvt=1280 720 60 6 0 0 0



    kernel=u-boot.bin 7.1.2 NZH54D eng.kalkov.20171025.083720 25. Okt 08:37:20 CEST 2017
    ro.product.model=Raspberry Pi 3

    ro.board.platform=bcm2710 7.1.2 NZH54D eng.kalkov.20171025.083720 release-keys,nosdcard,embedded


    Isn't "debug.drm.mode.force=1280x720" a problem for the 800x480 Touchscreen?

  • You can change it to 800x480, but it shouldn't be the cause of the boot issue.

  • 800x480 doesnt help either

  • I'm using evaluation version btw

  • That makes no sense to me at all. Did you try another sdcard?

  • I can try another SD card, but e.g. Raspian works fine with the exact same RPI/SDCard/Touchscreen

  • I having same issue, just endless reboot loop. Stops right when the blue lines are making it graphic, then reboots.

  • Ok, just found a fix for this, I was using the MacOS install program to create the SD card, I grabbed a win10 laptop, grabbed the installer, and created the SD card from the windows installer, and its booting now...

  • Thanks for sharing. If this is somehow related to the MacOS installer, we will take a closer look on it.

  • As we have mentioned in another thread, we have also found a bug in vc4 driver, which might cause the boot loop. It is fixed by now and the new version will be included into the next release.

  • Hey, thanks for the great support but somehow I still have no success with the touchscreen

    It still says "Starting kernerl ..." then blackscreen for like 0,1sec and then quickly turns white and reboots :neutral:

  • I'm sorry to hear that. By now we have fixed all issues causing the bootloop known to us. Without an error log it will be difficult to find the problem. If you can, please setup a serial connection and read the system log during the boot:

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    That's quite the same for me.
    New SD Card, 64Go Class 10, Official Touchscreen 7''. Works fine with Raspbian and OSMC.

    I just download the installer, format my card, make the installation. Some few lines appears at the init, and the word EMTERIA whith a "-" flashing and the screen turn white and progressivly black and that's all.
    (15 minutes)
    I turn it off and replug the power cable : This time "EMTERIA-" stay, but nothing else.

    Last version : 0.4.5

    Any idea?

    (i don't have RS232 cord to capture boot logs)

  • I'm afraid we can't fix it without a log. Could you please try to mount your sdcard in linux and check if there are any logs in /userdata/cache/logs? The folder can be empty though, if the system crashes too early.

    We will check if we can redirect the boot log to the screen in the next version. Maybe you can capture them by recording a video.

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    I've already purchased an TTL adapter, but it will still take some weeks to delivery^^

  • Great, thank you! Stefan has found the problem: it is caused by our recent graphics updates, which seem incompatible with the driver for the official touchscreen. He is already working on the solution and we hope we can fix it ASAP.

  • That's cool!
    I'll wait for your message and test it immediatly!

  • Unfortunately the problem can't be fixed with the current RPi firmware. We'll likely be reverting back to 0.4.4 with BGRA graphics.

  • Is there a way to download older versions?

  • Hi @InfecteD,
    you can choose older versions in windows.

  • Hi @InfecteD,

    its here:

    "Are you running the installer on Windows? Old images are saved in C:\Users[Username]\ AppData\ Local\ Emteria\Installer"

  • Ok, i know that.
    But i just place interest in Emteria few days ago... So i've juste rpi3-v0.4.5 and a cache folder...
    There's no way to download it directly from a mirror?

  • How do I downgrade to 0.4.4 from a Mac?

  • It recognizes the original screen but its quality is very poor. Smaller fonts are almost unreadable and background moare. You can not set the resolution or the sound. The sound is just a sharp, continuous beep.

  • @obero, which version are you using? All these problems were fixed in 0.4.4. We had introduced further graphics improvements in 0.4.5, but they are not compatible to the current touchscreen driver, so we reverted them in 0.4.6. The picture quality is just fine on my device.

  • Ok, its work for me!

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