Boot stuck on init: Starting service 'exec 11 (system/bin/bootstat/)'...

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As per the thread title,

I have flashed the SD card in Win 10. Using Pi 3 B+ with official touchscreen.

The boot process is hanging at init: Starting service 'exec 11 (system/bin/bootstat/)'...

I re-flashed the sd card and started from scratch and get exactly the same result.

Anyone any advice?

Edit: To rule things out, I've installed and run Raspian with no problems. I've also tried different power configurations and I don't believe this is an issue.


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    @kalkov any ideas? Just to clarify that this is when I've successfully flashed the sd card and I am trying to boot up the pi for the first time with Emteria... during the boot process, it hangs after the above terminal output

    What is happening during the boot process at this point that could help debug the issue?

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    I had similar problem in two cases - after system update and after system restore. I wrote about it here:

    If I remember correctly, I saw message "init: Starting service exec..." too but in addition, there was couple of "binder: X:Y transaction failed..." messages around. Do you see them too?

  • Thanks @Martin. I haven't noticed those messages but I will look again. This is happening me with a freshly flashed sd card (I tried re-flashing twice).

  • @Di11on have you tried HDMI connected display? In my case, it is only DSI display not supported, which means sadly Raspberry Pi's official touchscreen stops working with this version.

  • Mh, strange. Will check it tomorrow.

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    @fishred008 are you suggesting that if I install a previous version, DSI would work? If so, what would I be missing, not having the latest version?

  • Feel free to compare the versions here:

  • I confirm that 0.7.1 is working but 0.8.1 fails to boot with the official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen (using DSI).

  • @Di11on said:
    I confirm that 0.7.1 is working but 0.8.1 fails to boot with the official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen (using DSI).

    Yes, i also fell back to 0.7.1

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    @Di11on I can also confirm the same issue you are having. I have moved to 0.7.1 and can confirm that everything works great.

    If anyone can test 0.8.0, we can isolate where this regression happened.

    @kalkov I see the following changes (idk if this helps)

    Updated screen resolution detection to reuse existing modes

    I hope it gets fixed!

  • hello all, could someone tell me how to flash the SD with version 0.7.1? I have the same issue with the latest version but, can't find the previous versions of the installers. Thanks

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    Same Problem here with official display....!

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