Touchscreen driver for Focaltech FT5x06 on Emteria Android

Hello everyone,

I would like to run a touch screen on Focaltech chip family FT5x06.
I work on the "acme-cm3" distribution, but I checked all the others.

Unfortunately, every attempt to run the touch via dtbo file failed.

I checked the drivers list in/sys/bus/i2c/drivers .

The focaltech driver is missing.

Does anyone have a kernel with the focaltech driver attached or can they add?

I will be grateful for any help


  • I have a .ko file with a driver. How to automatically start the module when starting android?
    When I start the module manually, on the android console, the module starts without errors, but the touch still does not work. There is no device in / dev / bus / input.

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