After a couple of reboots, I have to go through the activation process again. How can I prevent this?


  • This shoudn't be happening in the first place. Can you describe your exact actions? If the sdcard is not corrupted, the license data is stored permanently.
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    - activate
    - 3x reboot no problem
    - disable wifi - 3x reboot no problem
    - connect ethernet cable first reboot no problem second reboot activation lost.
  • Can you reproduce this error?
  • Yes. Connecting the ethernet and rebooting twice does the trick.
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    Could you please submit a bugreport after the FIRST reboot? There is an option for that in Settings -> Emteria -> System options -> Submit bugreport
  • I submitted a bug report.
  • That's exactly what is happening also with me, 2 dif. devices with 2 dif. activation codes.

    Is your ethernet connection running under some restricted access some how?

    That's my case (customer internal rules firewall is probably blocking emteria OS check URL service).

    Not sure if it's an issue with the connection change itself (dif. from the one used to activate) or a blocking URL situation.

    Waiting for a response.
  • I'll check the bugreport and let you know.
  • This is very weird, as there are no errors in the log - after the first reboot. The license data is OK.

    Is it possible to submit a bug report after the second reboot now? We need to find out when exactly this is happening.
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    @kalkov the bug report I submitted, was after activation without any connections!
    I now sent two:
    1 -first reboot after connecting ethernet cable
    2 -second reboot after connecting ethernet cable
    Everything works fine, if I startup the pi before connecting the cable.
    I appreciate you looking in to this!
    Keep up the good work!
  • Bug report submitted for my related issue. SD card failed so I had to reinstall. Dashboard says the license is still in use, so I cant activate the device again.
  • Got your reports. Will report after evaluation.
  • @peterkummer, @Anderson: I think I found the issue. We will have to double-check it internally, but it looks like it is a bug in our code. In this case we will fix it in the next release. Thank you very much for reporting and providing the required information.

    @mattster98: After checking your bugreport it turned out to be a different issue in your case, so I replied in the original thread.
  • Great news! Looking forward to the next release! Thanks for the good work.
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