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I've been toying with the idea of trying to get the Pi TV Hat working - hopefully along the lines of forking https://github.com/martinmarinov/AndroidDvbDriver and writing some specific classes to connect to the device after activating the overlay. So far I've tried to use dtoverlay=rpi-tv in the config.txt as I saw it was in the overlays folder and I can see the cxd2880-spi.ko and cxd2880.ko kernel modules available to load.

I get nothing from dmesg about the device when I try to load these using insmod so I'm wondering if there are more files I need or a step I'm missing. Maybe it's not possible, but perhaps someone else had tried this?

Any pointers greatly appreciated.


  • Loading modules should work fine. I don't know much about this device, maybe some kind of additional configuration is required?
  • It uses the Sony cxd2880 chip which I think might be used by other USB dvb-t devices, hence the modules existing in the first place. I'm running

    insmod /boot/modules/cxd288-spi.ko
    insmod /boot/modules/cxd288.ko

    as well as adding the overlay. It should, I think, appear as /dev/dvb0 but doesn't. Maybe a file in the /system/lib/hw is needed? My knowledge at this level is a bit lacking I'm afraid.
  • Amazingly I got it to work and load the device by applying the insmod commands in the other order, which makes sense really. The spi one is dependent on the other one. Running dmesg shows the device is there and waiting and /dev/dvb.0 entires are created.

    Now to build an SpiDevice library to talk to it.
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