Video Output Frozen - RPi3b v1.3.0


I'm having an issue currently where the display output will freeze after some time, this could be hours or days. I caught it on video where it froze while the time was changing and it flicks between a couple of frames. The app in the background is still running, and the OS is still delivering audio via HDMI as I can generate alarms from my software and hear them being played.

Here's a short video with sound demonstrating the problem:

Anyone else run into this and have any ideas?



  • Hi @CalebB,
    Thanks for reaching out. I haven't heard of such behaviour before and would be very interested in a log. Do you know how to connect via adb and take a logcat?

  • I don't know how with the RPi, but will find out.

  • OK, I'm dumping a verbose log to my desktop via adb and wifi. Would you like it verbose or are you only interested in some events?

  • I've captured a crash that happened at 10:36, I've attached the relevant section of log

  • That's a very good log, thanks. Unfortunately, it looks like you are running out of GPU memory, which would explain the freezes. Usually this indicates a memory leak or fragmentation; or you are just trying to allocate too much. The RPi3's GPU memory is not particularly large. You could try this script to see how the GPU memory consumption behaves over time:

    Do you experience these freezes when performing a certain action or just over time?

  • This just happens over time. I'll have to explore for leaks then.

  • I recommend the script in the other thread for that. The digits in brackets at the end of each line show the number of binary objects. If one of these numbers steadily increases, the size of the resource can give a hint about the location of a potential leak.

  • Thanks kindly, I'll give it a crack

  • Hey, wanted to come back to this. The software didn't have any memory leaks in it, I think, as it's written in Delphi's Firemonkey so I compiled for windows and did all my checking there. I was however building for a target version of R. I've dropped this down to targeting android-25 and so far it's run the entire weekend without crashing. Fingers crossed this is the solution!

    Thanks again.

  • Unfortunately this problem has started again. I've run the app on other android handsets and used the android dev tools to analyse memory usage and can detect no leaks. It ran for 5 days with no issue and now is freezing again.

  • @CalebB Can you create another log so that we can take a look if it still is the same issue?

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