WiFi stuck at "Turning WiFi On"

I succesfully managed to install Emteria with an USB Touchscreen. But I have a problem with the internet connection. When I insert a UTP cable, I am able to browse the internet. But when I try to turn on the wifi it stuck on "Turning Wifi On". While I was installing Emteria, the wifi was working. Any suggestions?


  • You can't have both internet connections. Pick one

  • I know but when I only use Wlan, it's showing 'turning WiFi on' forever. When I was installing emteria, I was able to connect to my WiFi. After finishing the install, I wasn't able to get WiFi working again. I also tried to reset the network configuration in the settings menu, but no success.
  • This is on a Rpi ?

  • Yes. Raspberry PI 3+ 2018 edition, powerd by a 2.5A power supply.
  • Odd -- It's not happening to me. It only happens if I have a cat5 connected and attempt to use WIFI at the same time.

    I would suggest wiping the card and reformat to fat32 and try a fresh install again.

  • Very strange. At our lab we can connect to the Wifi even if an Ethernet cable is plugged in.

  • Not for me. If I have ethernet connected Wi-Fi refuses to connect. I can't have both.
  • It turns on makes a connection then immediately disconnects. Refuses to stay connected until I disconnect the cat5 then wifi works.

  • https://forum.emteria.com/discussion/403/wifi-disabled-stuck-at-turning-wifi-on

    "I have the same problem. Came after 6 hours or something like that, before that it worked flawless. The programs i installed are: Kodi, Spotify, & wifi prioritizer. ( I've tried a clean install but the problem stays. ) Tried also to install Raspbian but than i had wifi. ( so it looks like that my wifi adapter is not the issue ). I use the stock raspberry wifi card btw."

    "What is "stock raspberry wifi card"? RPi has a built-in Wifi, no additional cards are required."

    I also mean the build in wifi card from the raspberry pi 3.

  • Maybe everyone should start mentioning the build number they are running :) ?
  • If we manage to reproduce this issue, I'll be glad to fix it. It would be great to get corresponding system logs or similar.

  • This happened to me under two scenarios running the beta (not the oTa beta but I still believe its beta 0.6.0?)

    -I didn't complete the Wifi setup during the initial installation. Subsequent bootups would yield this symptom no matter what I tried.

    -I completed a fresh installation but left an Unsupported USB (non-native) dongle plugged in from my Raspbian bootup. Once I removed the dongle and let the native drivers load for my 3b+ I was able to get Wifi.

    I suspect the user is having a problem with the first scenario however it's unclear from his post.

  • Build 0.6-16 on my raspberry 3 B+ could not enable WIFI. It is stuck in finding WIFI forever always.

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    I have same problem. rpi is 3b+ Just installed image today from the latest installer version. It is just stuck at starting WiFi. No ethernet cable is connected. It is using built-in wifi.

  • @TimGTech said:
    I have same problem. rpi is 3b+ Just installed image today from the latest installer version. It is just stuck at starting WiFi. No ethernet cable is connected. It is using built-in wifi.

    I have no way to have a cable connection and I can go no further wit the setup to activate. Anyone have a suggestion? I may have to look at alternatives. But Emteria sounded promising.

  • I have the same issue. RPI3b+. Just installed empteria yesterday, (july 29, 2019) and no wifi. I can't turn it on. I originally started on ethernet and tried wifi after. No luck.

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    All the same here. I just tried it on the beta (v0.8.) and the latest stable (v0.7.). I am using RPI3b+ as well.

  • Hi, I have the same problem.
    It was working fine with v0.7 on the same RPI3b+. I reinstalled v0.8.0 (Aug 1st 2019) and now wifi won't turn on.

  • Same issue, 3B+, version 0.8, 7" touchscreen. Tried two different sdcards - Sandisk Ultra 16GB class 10. Flashed via Windows 10 installer

  • Just flashed version 0.7.1 and wifi works fine.

  • Just installed 6-16 on B3 with same wifi problem as above. Was working previously.

  • Same issue on a rbp3 with v7.1.2 , also tested in another os, and wifi worked fine. Ethernet also works.

  • Hi, has this issue been resolved?
    I've just installed V0.8 for the RPi, and no Wifi capabilities at all.
    Out of interest.
    @GlennG how do you install version 0.7.1?
    My installer app only seems to allow me the latest version.

  • I am having the same issue also, just sits forever trying to switch the wifi on. For me it didn't work during set up either. (Installed V0.8)

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    I'm using 0.80, it used to work for me on 0.5. Maybe it's a software issue?
    Edit: I downgraded to version 0.7 and it works.

  • I can confirm 0.8.0 has an wifi issue. It is already fixed in our code base and will be released ASAP.

  • @kalkov said:
    I can confirm 0.8.0 has an wifi issue. It is already fixed in our code base and will be released ASAP.

    That's great news

  • Good to hear, had to fall back to 0.7.1yesterday to get wifi

  • I’ve been looking for version 0.7.1 but can’t find it on internet. Does somebody know how to get it?

  • @Sander Launch Emteria Installer->Sign In->Select Target as Raspberry or whatever your device is and below that there are various versions of Emteria OS Choose emteria 0.7.1 click on continue and proceed and your installation will be 0.7.1

  • Thanks Vinayak. I’ll try that

  • is this WIFI issue a general problem for all models for 0.8 or only for RPI 3 B+?

  • FYI: we have released 0.8.1 yesterday.

  • i still have the same issue with 0.8.1

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    This issue is solved for me in the new release, thumbs up! Now WiFi and ethernet is working for me!

  • I have the latest OS version on the Raspberry Pi4, but I am facing the same WiFi disconnection issue. Please help.

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    Hi @SunilSoni
    Can you please give the exact version? We release nighlies every day, so the "latest" version becomes not the latest ever so often.
    It would also help if you could activate the WiFi and save the log, see https://emteria.com/kb/bug-reporting#ADB

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