WiFi stuck at "Turning WiFi On"

I succesfully managed to install Emteria with an USB Touchscreen. But I have a problem with the internet connection. When I insert a UTP cable, I am able to browse the internet. But when I try to turn on the wifi it stuck on "Turning Wifi On". While I was installing Emteria, the wifi was working. Any suggestions?


  • You can't have both internet connections. Pick one

  • I know but when I only use Wlan, it's showing 'turning WiFi on' forever. When I was installing emteria, I was able to connect to my WiFi. After finishing the install, I wasn't able to get WiFi working again. I also tried to reset the network configuration in the settings menu, but no success.
  • This is on a Rpi ?

  • Yes. Raspberry PI 3+ 2018 edition, powerd by a 2.5A power supply.
  • Odd -- It's not happening to me. It only happens if I have a cat5 connected and attempt to use WIFI at the same time.

    I would suggest wiping the card and reformat to fat32 and try a fresh install again.

  • Very strange. At our lab we can connect to the Wifi even if an Ethernet cable is plugged in.

  • Not for me. If I have ethernet connected Wi-Fi refuses to connect. I can't have both.
  • It turns on makes a connection then immediately disconnects. Refuses to stay connected until I disconnect the cat5 then wifi works.

  • https://forum.emteria.com/discussion/403/wifi-disabled-stuck-at-turning-wifi-on

    "I have the same problem. Came after 6 hours or something like that, before that it worked flawless. The programs i installed are: Kodi, Spotify, & wifi prioritizer. ( I've tried a clean install but the problem stays. ) Tried also to install Raspbian but than i had wifi. ( so it looks like that my wifi adapter is not the issue ). I use the stock raspberry wifi card btw."

    "What is "stock raspberry wifi card"? RPi has a built-in Wifi, no additional cards are required."

    I also mean the build in wifi card from the raspberry pi 3.

  • Maybe everyone should start mentioning the build number they are running :) ?
  • If we manage to reproduce this issue, I'll be glad to fix it. It would be great to get corresponding system logs or similar.

  • This happened to me under two scenarios running the beta (not the oTa beta but I still believe its beta 0.6.0?)

    -I didn't complete the Wifi setup during the initial installation. Subsequent bootups would yield this symptom no matter what I tried.

    -I completed a fresh installation but left an Unsupported USB (non-native) dongle plugged in from my Raspbian bootup. Once I removed the dongle and let the native drivers load for my 3b+ I was able to get Wifi.

    I suspect the user is having a problem with the first scenario however it's unclear from his post.

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